7 Creative Valentine's Day Proposal Ideas

Published: 18th February 2009
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It's no wonder why Valentine's Day is one of the most popular days of the year to propose. It's a day already steeped in romance and reserved for spending together, so half of the work is done for you. But if you're not careful, your sweet Valentine's proposal could border on cliché. If you're one of the millions of guys (or gals!) planning a Valentine's Day proposal, skip the chocolate script on the dessert plate and check out these creative ideas for making the moment memorable and personal.

Get Back to Basics

Valentine's Day brings out the kid in us by conjuring up memories of elementary school valentine exchanges. Surprise her with a homemade valentine that asks her to marry you. Along those lines - you can always try the classic folded note that says, "Will you marry me? Check yes or no."

Say it With Candy

Nothing says Valentine's Day like conversation hearts and the popular candy's thematic take on love. Buy a bag and set aside ones that say "Marry Me." Present her with a dish or container filled with the hearts, and ask her to be your wife.

Be a Home Body

It's easy to see why the most popular place to propose is at home - it's the ultimate way to lend intimacy to this very personal moment. Cook her a romantic dinner for two, and tie an engagement ring to the napkin holder or the stem of a champagne flute.

Re-create a Special Moment

Re-creating a first date or other significant milestone in your relationship demonstrates the significance you place on the time you've shared together, a key ingredient in a marriage proposal. Make reservations at the restaurant where you had your first dinner together, or visit the location of your first kiss or first "I love you's."

Scrapbook It

Create a scrapbook of mementos - ticket stubs, photos, restaurant takeout menus, pamphlets and event programs - anything representative of your relationship and the activities you like to do together. Leave the last page blank, save for the words "Will You Marry Me" at the top. Be sure to take a picture after the proposal to complete the last page of the scrapbook.

Luxury Scavenger Hunt

Arrange for a limousine to pick her up at her house with the first clue, and provide clues that lead her to all your favorite spots through town. The last hint will lead her to you, on one knee with an engagement ring.

Go Public

I say this with caution, because your sweetie may not want to share this special moment with the world - only you can determine whether this will go over well. That said, Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion to use the media to your advantage, since many radio, newspaper, or TV stations are looking for Valentine's Day stories and would love to run your proposal on air or in print.

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