How to Plan a Summer Wedding - Ideas, Tips, and Trends For Summer Wedding Themes

Published: 26th June 2009
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Warm sunshine, vibrant colors, and outdoor setting opportunities abound during the summer months. Take advantage of the season with these summer wedding tips.

Summer Weddings - Things to Consider

Beat the Heat - Seriously consider renting fans or portable AC units for an outdoor wedding (even northern climates can hit 90 this time of year), and try to find a location with ample shade so guests can escape blazing sun and heat. Even if your wedding is inside, you´ll need to check the comfort level beforehand - some older venues lack good ventilation or aren't air conditioned.

Brave the Elements - Outdoor settings are popular during the summer, but high temperatures aren't the only discomfort you'll have to contend with. Damaging UV rays, killer mosquitoes and pop-up showers are just some of the elements you may have to endure. Have bug spray, sunscreen and umbrellas on hand just in case.

Work Around Summer Travel - Remember that summer is prime time for family vacations, holiday weekends, oh yeah - and other weddings. Try to book your date and notify your guests as early as possible.

All in the Details - Summer Wedding Ideas

Invitations & Stationery

Add a summer motif - such as a seashell, starfish, tropical flower or plant - to your stationery suite

Go wild with color - now's the time for paper or fonts in bolder tropical hues - such as fuschia or mango - or the colors of the sea - blues and greens

Wedding Venue

Get outdoors - summer weddings just call for a beach, garden, rooftop or backyard setting

Get on the water - marinas or even yacht cruises make for seasonably stylish venues

Decor Elements

Go casual - summer weddings lend themselves to a casual decor scheme - fitting of a backyard barbeque. Think checked table clothes, benches and picnic tables.

Go natural - incorporate natural decor elements like fruits, vegetables, even insects (like ladybugs or dragonflies, not necessarily roaches!)

Get lit - light up an outdoor evening reception with lanterns or torches.


Seasonal blooms - abundant flowers are always in style at a summer wedding. Use bright and cheerful blooms like sunflowers, peonies, hydrangea, mums, daisies, dahlias, zinnias, and roses. Or create a breezy, airy look with white on white - using roses, stephanotis, calla lilies, snowball mums and daisies - and incorporate a touch of blue - like blue hydrangea

Fruits - fruits like lemons and limes look whimsical and chic when filled in tall clear vases

For a beach look - incorporate shells, sand, and sea glass in your arrangements


Serve lighter fare - think fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables like berries, watermelon, tomatoes, cucumber, and corn, seafood and lean poultry like chicken. Between courses, serve a light sorbet.

Spark up the grill - serve traditional picnic and grill fare like barbeque, burgers and potato salad

Head to the tropics - feature tropical signature cocktails like margaritas, sangria, or mojitos.


Light and Fluffy - serve something light, like angel food cake topped with whipped cream and berries

Fresh adornments - top traditional wedding cake with fresh tropical flowers like hibiscus, or decorate with shells and starfish

Spoon it out - serve light sorbet or gelato

Add a cherry - have a do it yourself sundae bar (just make sure you have a way to keep the ice cream cool)

Looking for even more ideas for wedding themes? This complete guide to planning a summer wedding has even more tips and advice.

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